Why Acerola cherry?

Why Acerola cherry?
Acerola cherry is a Super Fruit because it contains one of the hightest natural concentration of vitamin C.

In addition, it contains more than 150 phytonutrients like polyphenols, flavonoids and carotenoids which have many positive antioxidant and immune system effects.

This botanical ingredient is monitored all year round by the scientists to make sure ingredients are most effective. The
harvesting of acerola cherry occurs when the fruit is still green to capture the hightest possible vitamin C content.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Our products are:

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Acerola Extract Powder

Excellent antioxidant, rich in natural vitamin c, polyphenol, flavonoid and carotenoids.

According to scientist studies the Vitamin C strengthens the immune system. The antioxidant properties stimulates collagen synthesis (hair, skin & nails), improves iron absorption, help to neutralize free radicals, guard against chronic disease (cancer, heart disease), among others.

Adult women need 75 milligrams (mg) of vitamin c per day, and adult men need 90 mg. (National Institutes of Health`s – NIH).

Acerola Juice Concentrate

Acerola Juice Concentrate has the highest concentration of natural Vitamin C, polyphenol, flavonoid and carotenoids. It contributes to the strengthening of the immune system with antioxidant and autoimmune properties against various diseases.

In the range of 1500 – 4500 mg/100g which can be up to 80 times highter compared to citrus fruits as oranges and lemons.

Watercress Phyto Powder

Excellent antioxidant activity, fighting the body’s free radicals very efficiently.

Some studies show that Watercress can prevent various chronic and inflammatory diseases obesity and cancer.

Acerola Fiber C+ Powder

Acerola Fiber C+ Powder has 10% of protein, 65% soluble fiber and there are various fiber sizes.

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reports that the health benefits of dietary fiber is associate with healthy gut microbiome, abdominal adiposity (body weight), overall metabolic health as effects on glucose and lipid regulation and insulin sensitivity. Moreover, it can reduce risk for the development of cardiovascular disease and mortality.

Adult women need 25-32  milligrams (mg) of fiber per day, and adult men need 30-35 mg (National Institutes of Health`s – NIH).

Eclipta Alba

Eclipta Powder exhibits remarkable antioxidant properties, effectively combatting free radicals within the body.

Eclipta Powder is a rich source of coumestans, alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, and triterpenoids.

White Chia Seed

Chia Seed has world-known its incredible nutritional benefits in the medicinal, pharmaceutical and food industry. The powerhouse composed of hith content of dietary fiber, protein, healthy ω-3 fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, carbohydrates and the presence of minerals (magnesium, potassium, phosphorus), vitamins (A,B,K,E,D), and antioxidants. Additionally, their versatility makes them an excellent inclusion in various products, enhancing nutritional profile.