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NutriBotanica brand is part of the multinational Amway Corporation, Inc., a world leader in the direct sales market, manufacturer of brands worldwide known as NUTRILITE. The path that makes us an experienced business in Vitamin C production began in the mid of 20th century with one of the greatest nutrition scientists Carl F. Rehnborg. He found in plants essential nutrients for good nutrition and quality of life for people from urban centers.

Nutribotanica is the only farm and plant in the world dedicated solely to the production of acerola cherries.
Our company is focused on the production of natural fruit concentrates cultivated and processed on-site without the use of any pesticides, chemical fertilizers or contaminants.

Acerola cherries are harvested when they are still green and Vitamin C is at it’s peak. The finished acerola juice concentrate and powder is delivered all around the world to manufacturers who use it in many applications including: food, beverage, nutrition, health, personal care, meat & bakery preservation.

Acerola Powder is produced from non-GMO acerola cherry, introducing high amounts of natural vitamin c. The acerola is pressed and the vitamin c is extracted using water, the juice is clarified and concentrated only by mechanical separation without any conservatives, then dried through a spray dryer process. Tests are conducted from the raw materials reception until the end of the spray dryer process to assure the best quality.

We are also fundamentally committed to social and environmental development efforts that run in parallel with its activities in production. This characterizes NutriBotanica as a socially and environmentally responsible company.

Furthermore, we ensure Quality control of our products – Acerola Juice Concentrate and Acerola Powder – through the traceability from the seed to the acerola powder and we have Organic, Kosher and Halal Certifications.

Our farm in Brazil

NutriBotanica is the only farm and plant in the world dedicated solely to the production of acerola cherries.

Our farm is located on 3,136 acres in the northeastern in Brazil, Ubajara (CE) city. Positioned three degrees south of the equator and 2,306 feet above sea level. The farm in Brazil has a semi-arid climate with average temperatures of 75-79 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative high humidity during the rainy season and low nightly temperatures in the dry season.
This combination provides an ample growing environment for Acerola Cherries.

In our farm, safety is very important. So much so that our standards go above and beyond Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). For example, our farming tools and equipment are cleaned and sanitized before each harvesting. Moreover, we test all irrigation water for pathogens and our water systems are meticulously documented and mapped to prevent the growth of microbes.

In short, we have been producing natural vitamin c during the all year without contaminants and pesticides – to find the most effective variety and harvesting the fruit in the best peak of Vitamin C (arcorbic acid) content.

Our Global Agribusiness Vision and Mission


Safely deliver a consistent supply of cost-competitive, quality products.


To be the global leader in natural vitamin C to enhance the health and life of people.

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