Looking for authentic Natural Vitamin C

We ensure the Quality Control of our products in each step from seed to Acerola Powder – without chemical contamination, toxins and pesticides.

Higher knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices and experience with techniques of laboratory, and food safety

Moreover, we have HACCP, Kosher, Halal & Organic (US/CE/BR) certifications.

R&D continuous in knowledge about natural Vitamin C


Quality, Social and Environment

Fazenda Amway Nutrilite do Brasil Ltda. aims at consistently delivering botanical ingredients which are traceable with safety, competitive costs and high quality. Its essence reflects in the products and processes, which are strengthened through traceability, continuous improvement and employees’ development, valuing fair trade, socio-environmental balance, as well as transparency towards the customer and the community.

The organization’s commitment is guaranteed through:

  • Supply services and botanical products to meet the customers’ needs aimed at food safety and sustainability criteria;
  • Controlled and monitored process in compliance with current legislation and standards;
  • Effective communication and employees’ training in food safety requirements necessary to guarantee a safe product throughout the entire production chain;
  • Higher regard for stakeholders to ensure sustainable growth, human development and continuous improvement of its production processes;
  • Waste reduction, proper destination and employees and society awareness regarding environment care and protection;
  • Honest and transparent attitude grounded by the Code of Ethics and Conduct disseminated among all employees.