– Acerola Extract Powder
– Acerola Juice Concentrate
– Watercress Phyto Powder
– Acerola Fiber C+
– Eclipta Alba
– White Chia Seed



We are in balance with our community, supporting social and environment responsibility projects that impact hundreds of children and people.


We distribute Vitamin C to several countries by developing logistics with traceability from the seed to the ingredient.
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Nutribotanic Pillars


We ensure stringent traceability for all of our products, tracked at all stages of the production process.


We strive to deliver all products according to each customer’s specific needs.


Over 3,200 tests conducted each month to en-sure International certification of the ingredients.


We guarantee delivery of your product on time and with the best quality


Our products meet the principles and rules for proper handling, ranging from raw materials to the final product, to ensure the safety of the products produced.

Acerola Juice Concentrate, Acerola Powder.

Food product obtained by technological process for the production of food & beverage, nutrition & health, personal care, bakery and meat.

We certify that the products are not derived from GM sources, and as they do not contain any additives / excipients obtained from GM sources, can be defined as non-GM according to Dir EC 1829 and 1830/2003. In addition, traceability is established for all ingredients for which genetically modified counterparts exist; they do not contain GMO DNA.

We certify that the products are manufactured in a completely dedicated gluten free facility that is completely free of wheat, rye, barley and oats and therefore can be defined as a gluten free product.

No, the raw materials used in the product composition are not irradiated.

Acerola Cherry – Malpighia Glabra

Fazenda Amway Nutrilite do Brasil Ltda. certifies products does not contain any allergens or derived products, since we do not produce any other products that contain allergens, being in compliance with Directive 2003/89 / EC (replacing 2000/13 / EC ), 2006/142 / EG, FALCPA – Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act 2004 and RDC 26/2015 – ANVISA

We confirm that our product is produced by Fazenda Amway Nutrilite do Brazil Ltda. (Nutribotânica) in Brazil and is made 100% from the named fruit and in complete accordance with the food regulations. The product is manufactured without the use of any preservatives or sugars.

Assistance projects for communities located near the company (Collaboration Project, Litlle Bits project (child supplementation), medical assistance, school assistance).

Monitoring of the Good Manufacturing Practices program. Pathogens are analyzed per batch of finished product.

No. The packaging used is not manufactured from recycled materials and meets the requirements of food grade packaging.

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